What is Zip Flash?

Zip Flash is a vinyl extrusion designed to be attached to a door or window frame to create a better means of weather sealing the opening.

Zip Flash has caulk groove designed to seat against the door or window frame to create sealed connection. Simply run a bead of sealant in the groove and seat the Zip Flash against the frame. Zip Flash has a short flange which seats flush with the outside edge of the frame to allow quick and easy installation.

Zip Flash is constructed of a high grade vinyl which is designed for simply installation using a staple gun or screw gun. This picture shows the Zip Flashing getting attached to the door frame with a staple gun.

This picture shows how the Zip Flash installs tight to the frame of the door and you can see butyl tape has been installed over the Zip Flash flange and onto the adjacent substrate. The opening is then finished off with a trim board which provides a small gap between the trim board and the door frame which is later caulked by the painter to create a water tight installation of your door.

Zip Flash is a product of BAV Products and is currently Patent Pending.

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< ----- Here we have a typical door opening prior to installing a door.

Here we have the same opening after the door has been installed and the Zip Flash has been taped off. This opening is sealed and ready for exterior finishes to be installed. ------>

This blow up shows how the head flash piece counter flashes the side leg and once it is taped you have a sealed corner.

< --- Here is a door with Zip Flash installed on the frame prior to installing it in the rough opening.